A Series Is Born


The idea for this book came to me a little over a year ago. I jotted some notes, brainstormed a bit, even wrote about a chapter of something I thought might fit the theme and idea, but I stuffed it underground. Then in January this little seed of an enormous idea took hold, sprouted wings, and nearly got away from me.⁠

I realized that what I had been writing couldn’t be the beginning of this series. The series couldn’t just jump into an adventure – it needed to start with Abby’s story. Readers needed a solid foundation to stand on as the series unfolds, and more importantly, they needed to get to know this giant-hearted badass of a woman before they could trust her to lead them on their adventures.⁠

And so it began…⁠

Abby’s story poured out of me and was drafted in a little under six weeks. I knew this story was special, but I also knew somehow that Abby was just the beginning and hers was just one story. ALL the stories of ALL the women needed to be told, one by one, because each woman’s story truly is its own adventure, and each woman ought to be the leading lady of her own story.⁠

A series was born. Birthdate: November 15th, 2019⁠

I hope you’ll join us!⁠

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By Lynda Meyers

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