Steel Journeys



Life is short, the world is big, and Abby Steel has no time to lose.

15 years ago, Abby lost the love of her life, but she didn’t give up. Despair turned to determination. She rebuilt her life, piece-by-piece, starting a company that perfectly married her two passions—travel and motorcycles. 

Abby’s Steel Journeys is an all-female motorcycle touring company with an impressive roster of international destinations. These days, home is a series of wide-open spaces tucked under an expansive sky. 

Women from all walks of life come to join in her adventures, for all sorts of reasons. Equal parts badass and life coach, Abby genuinely cares about the women on her tours, and they respect her for it. 

At home in Northern California and in-between trips, a ghost from her past lands on her doorstep, threatening to bring her carefully constructed world tumbling down.

New information has come to light that just might change all the rules, leaving her with an impossible choice. Will letting him through that door again destroy everything she’s struggled to become? 

Each book in this series will tell a different woman’s story from a different perspective. Book 1: The Road to Patagonia tells Abby’s story, creating a rich backdrop of characters, many of whom readers will be able to follow throughout the series.

Steer clear of ordinary stories and explore new territory with this series about women, motorcycles, and adventure. Let the fun begin!


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