The Truth About Truly


She was the girl of his dreams.

It was a chance meeting, but Finn knew her at a glance. The likeness was unmistakable. Even her smell was familiar.

The problem was, Truly wasn’t looking for love.

When Truly loved someone, it was a death sentence—and she wasn’t going to have that on her conscience. Not again. Love and death were partners in crime, and she couldn’t risk doing any more time.

Finn wasn’t willing to give up. He’d cheated death twice in Afghanistan. Three times if you count nearly drowning in whiskey and painkillers. He’d been through scores of women but had loved only once—until now.

His dreams didn’t lie: this girl was his destiny. He needed to woo her. He needed to win her heart—if he could just manage to stay alive.

She wasn’t looking for a knight in shining armor.
He wasn’t looking for a beauty to rescue.
But one fateful night changed all that. For both of them.


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