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Hi There. My name is Lynda Meyers. My bio on several social media sites reads: Wild Woman. Writer. Mother. Maiden. Crone. Messy, beautiful human. That about sums it up. I’ve lived all over the world and am currently living and writing in the Pacific Northwest (USA). It’s stunningly beautiful and the people are warm and genuine. I have never felt more connected to a place than here.

I started writing as soon as I could read. Words made sense to me in a way that little else did. They were predictable yet infinitely flexible. I could bend them and shape them to fit whatever I might be feeling. Over the years I have penned articles, blogs, educational materials, poetry, songs and now, three novels (so far) with plans for many many more. I’ve also started down the road of adventure of travel writing and ‘moto journalism’ so that should be interesting 🙂

In my early 20s I became a nurse. I’ve worked in all kinds of environments including ER, Cardiac Specialties and Hospice, but currently make my living as a Neuro / Trauma ICU nurse.

In 2010 I started eating organic, mostly gluten free foods, because my body was rebelling against me.

In 2013 I started doing hot yoga, for most of the same reasons, but also because it helped my back more than any other therapy I’d ever tried.

That’s about the same time I started riding a motorcycle, because it freed me in ways I’d never known possible and gave me a much needed outlet to deal with my PTSD. My first bike was a Honda Rebel (fairly appropriate, I’d say) and it became my therapy, as I’m sure most bikers will understand.

In 2015 I bought my Harley, and it feels like I’ve come home.

As a nurse I have always believed in holistic health – treating the entire person. When one part is out of balance the whole thing is out of balance. For me personally, balance has come through my career helping others, the physical commitment to eating well, the spiritual and body connection found through my yoga practice and the freedom and emotional release I find through riding.

On this site you will find me writing from many perspectives – hence the many “hats”. I am passionate about story, because I believe it is our stories that connect us as humans. If you’re curious about the rest of my story you won’t find it in its entirety here on this site, but if you choose to read or follow what I write, you will learn about who I am and how I got to this place on the road. My story is unique, and yet, so is yours, and I hope you’ll take time to share it with me as we walk along together.

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