Remember Your First Time?


Remember the very first time you sat on a bike? You wrapped your knees around the tank and felt its girth, then grabbed onto the handlebars, lifted it off the kickstand and sensed its weight shifting underneath you. You started it up, then felt the sheer terror of its power rumbling through your bones and lighting your blood on fire.

In the beginning it was all fits and stalls and a few big thrills mixed with a fair amount of frustration.

At first it rode you, but slowly you began to learn each other’s dance. You learned to move with the torque, lean into the curves, and that working together is infinitely more satisfying than fighting for control.

Finding the right bike is kind of like finding the right partner, but if you spend enough time in the saddle, a sort of symbiosis develops. A mutual understanding of your respective abilities. Terror gives way to excitement. Nerves give way to confidence. Fire gives way to freedom. 

Taming that bike is a powerful act. So is defining your life.  

For women that encompasses pretty much everything – a career, a life partner, the decision to have children or pets or neither of those things. From what you ride and what you wear to what you do with helmet hair, finding your personal style is a process – one that might look different at different times in our lives.

The path may not look the same for all of us, but one thing is clear: It’s a process of becoming.

Beginner bikes, borrowed gear, recommendations that work great for someone else but not for you – it’s all part of the learning curve. Each new bike is like a blank journal on which the miles you ride document your personal journey. Every bike and every rider tell their own story. Sport, adventure, racing, cruiser, solo, two-up, club – there are as many different combinations of bikes and gear out there as there are women who ride. The truth is, most of us go through a few different versions before we settle into a bike and gear combination that fits our unique size and evolving sense of style. We rarely end up in the same place we started, but that’s half the fun!

Figuring it all out is part of the adventure, and that’s the beautiful thing about riding.

The journey is the destination.

It’s all about the ride. So no matter where you’re at on the road of life, remember that your story is your own.  

Now get out there and tell it!

By Lynda Meyers

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