Winter Adventures on Mt. Hood




In addition to 2016 being a year full of travel plans, I’m also committed to spending part of my time off exploring this great Pacific Northwest. Having a winter birthday means I get to go skiing to celebrate and I’ve been wanting to explore the slopes of Mt. Hood (Oregon) for the past several years.

Mt. Hood is one of the only mountains in North America where you can ski year round (most years, anyway) so it’s pretty awesome living within an easy drive of this monstrosity. It boasts several different ski areas and a height of 11,250 feet at it’s summit. Mt Hood Meadows, where we chose to ski, had 85 runs and 13 lifts open on the day we went. That’s a lot to explore and I only got through a very small portion of it before my legs gave out.

I figured I would need a couple of runs to get my sea (…er…snow) legs back under me. What I didn’t count on was really bumpy conditions, slopes that weren’t as well-groomed as I’d hoped that day, and a new set of contacts affecting my depth perception. Unfortunately this combination of factors led to my spending more of the day on my ass than I’d planned.

However, even a bad day skiing is better than a great day at work so I’m not complaining! Props to three of my four kids for riding shotgun with me for the day. They somehow make even falling on your keister into a memorable event 🙂

At the end of the day we were sitting in the lodge and got rewarded with the coolest view of the summit as the sun was setting through the mist of the summit.



Oh Pacific Northwest – you’ve captured my heart!




By Lynda Meyers

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